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Vision - Mission
VIENDONG DESIGN CO., LTD wishes to create a better everyday life for everyone. We would like to develop sustainably so that VIENDONG DESIGN brand can maintain its position as one of the leading furniture brand in Vietnam and reach out to the international market, a brand that customers always trust and think about. First, when there is demand for furniture. We not only provide our customers with products or services but also bring them joy and happiness in life. With the support of customers, VIENDONG DESIGN will certainly achieve the aspirations - aspirations bring many artistic values ​​to society.
The right business strategy, professional management team, experienced and dedicated staff, dynamic, professional competence are the main factors to make VIENDONG DESIGN's success today.
VIENDONG DESIGN Co., Ltd's mission is to provide customers the most complete spatial solutions. With the desire to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level we always refer customers as the center of all our activities.
By the same token, through its work, VIENDONG DESIGN CO., LTD also bring about socio-economic benefits to the development of the country. For us, the interior design industry is a creative, subtle selection, impressive performance, simple harmony, meticulous research, respect for human values.
In order to improve the quality of service and meet the increasing requirements of customers, VIENDONG DESIGN always absorbed all feedback from customers and feedback from the market, thereby improving technology, structure The system of management and improvement of professional qualifications and quality of human resources in order to serve customers with the most caring and committed to bring customers products and services best edge. 

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